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   A) for Professional Use 
	   - Model.SR-7800 or Model.SR-100
	   - Amplifier ( Audio Mixer ) - 200W over
	   - Monitor ( or TV set - NTSC / Multi )
	   - Microphones & Speakers ( 8 Ohm/150W over )
	   - Wooden Cabinet :
	                 You need WOODEN CABINET
	                 if you want to attach COIN SELECTOR on Karaoke Player
	                 just same as Coin-operated Video Game Machine.

   B) for Home Use :     
	   - Model.SR-100
	   - TV set ( NTSC or Multi )
	   - Microphones
	   - If you have home Audio Set, you can connect Karaoke Player 
	     with it's Amplifier & Speakers for enjoying more professional sound.

	   After checking the song numbers of your favorite songs
	   on the Alphabetical SongList Book,
	   you can select your songs by pushing the song number buttons by hand or remocon.

	   And you can enjoy singing with excellent MIDI sound,
	   Lylics in 9 different languages, and beautiful background pictures
	   through the monitor ( or TV set ) screen.
	   Of course, you can get your singing scores with jokes when you finish singing.

	   - You can connect our Karaoke Player with MULTI-VISION PROCESSOR ( MVP )
	   for more strong influence on the guest in your bars.

	   - You can connect our Karaoke Player with LDP, VTR, Camcoder, Satelite TV, 
	   Cable Vision, etc... for the replacement of background pictures on the monitor screen.

	   - If you put our Karaoke player on the WOODEN CABINET
	   with COIN SELECTOR attached ( same as VIdeo Game Machine ),
	   the singer ( guest ) can enjoy singing after inserting coins on the COIN SELECTOR.

	   - You can connect illuminator ( lights ) with our Karaoke Player
	   so that it lights up Karaoke Room constantly during the singing time.   

	      Just put our Karaoke Player on your Karaoke Bars,
	   Pubs, Restaurants, Game Centers, Recreation Centers,
	   or on the special party ( Birthday, Wedding... ),
	   Karaoke will make GOOD INCOME everyday for you by itself.
	   Rental Business is good also for another choice.           

Please contact us by e-mail for order, inquiry & Building distributor-ship. E-mail : Home SR-7800 SR-100 Accessories